Corned Beef Cabbage Pick up and Delivery The Little Italy

The Medieval Banquet

An opportunity to eat and drink to excess

To Start:

Coarse Loaves with Sharp Cheddar

Fresh Fruit

Potato Leek Potage

King Henry’s Leg of Fowl

(Roasted Turkey Leg)

Impaled Batons of Beef

Platters of Roasted Pork

(Optional Garnished Pig’s head centerpiece)

Skirrets & Pasternacks

(Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Onions
beats and potatoes)

100 OR MORE  $26.99
76-99 PEOPLE $27.99
51-75 PEOPLE $28.99
36-50 PEOPLE $29.99
25-35 PEOPLE $30.99
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